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Let me start by saying I know nothing about bikes. I apologize if I ask stupid questions. I haven't had anything but junk bikes since I was a kid and recently wanted to get back into the game a little bit. I was just looking for something lightweight that was big enough to hold my 6', lb ass, and that I could pull off some little jumps and shit, to show off to my kids, as well as ride around the neighborhood with them.

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With limited options, I went to a dedicated bike shop and talked to the guy that owns the place. I told him what I wanted and he recommended the 24" Redline MX I clearly stated that I would be jumping the bike and I believe his exact words were "this bike can take a beating".

redline mx 24 weight

Now, I realize that this is a racing bike, but I had no reason not to trust the expert, so I had it ordered and picked it up about a week later. When it came in, I had some seat issues and resolved them yesterday, finally, thanks to these forums, and went on a ride with my kids.

I was showing off to my very easily impressed kids with some ollies do people still use the term "ollies"? I don't know.

I'm old over parking stops and up onto curbs. I also pulled off a jump off of a 2 foot wall. I'm a daredevil, what can I say? Shut up and let me have my glory for a minute. I've gotta work back up to bigger stuff. Anyway, I think I already bent the back rim.

2017 Redline MX 24

I say "think" because you can't really see a wiggle when you freespin the wheel but you can feel the difference when braking. It catches a bit on each rotation. So, my first trip out, I'm already damaging the bike. So, I have a couple questions. First, this bike isn't built for shit like this, is it? I bought the wrong bike. Secondly, can I correct the issue with some sturdier rims? I'm afraid that buying tough rims may just lead to snapping the frame.

If you think that won't be an issue, can someone point me to some decent rims that can do the job? Preferably something with long enough axles to post pegs onto. If need be, I'll just sell this one and get a new one.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The MX24 is a great bike You could buy a different bike as Fondue says In the interim, you might want to look into a set of high-pressure tires, something around psi or so. You might also want to have your FLBS make sure your wheels are properly tensioned and such.Im looking for a 24" cruiser on a tighter budget.

Im 5'11" and 45 yrs old. No hard riding involved, just cruising the neighborhood with my kids and commuting. Any thoughts, reviews, experiences, etc etc appreciated.

I ride an MX24 a couple times a week, 5'11 lbs, Plan on a different seat. Never been on the GT, love riding the redline. How do you ride? I think I would look for a used cro-mo cruiser before I bought a new aluminum framed bike.

I had an aluminum proline cruiser at the same weight as you, and it creaked and moaned so much I got rid of it. Help support our bmx community.

Im pretty much standing the entire time I ride. Even the seat on my 29" Macneil is pretty useless to me. Just pumping and coasting!

Really like my MX24, mostly pavement cruising, but have done some minor dirt jumping and ridden park once on it. Thought the bars were short at first but I like them now. I ride a 9" bar and 21" top tube on a 20". I ordered the Redline MX It was on Amazon and about with my Amazon discount with free shipping, plus I can send it back free if I dont like what I see upon arrival.

Price was too good to pass up and anything else in that range would have been hi-ten or a borderline Walmart bike. I think with the low key riding Ill do, it should fit just fine. Thanks for the insight.

Wimped out on the Redline MX Cancelled and ordered the Redline PL Struck me as too small. The taller seat tube will probably be a more comfortable bike. Post up when you get it. Login Name: Password: Register. Last edited by Indyjps am. Registered: Posts: Bikes: 15 Offline. Check out some pivotal padded seats. Board footer Jump to BMXmuseum.

Non-BMX Related!Redline Asset 24 is a popular and one of the more expensive options. It's in the top 3 bestselling BMX bikes and has many popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Gravity Area 51 or Cult Juvenile. This website displays data from third party public sources. The data presented is for information purposes only.

We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will not accept liability for any issues arising from usage of this data. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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Redline Asset Show all Images. Consumer Score. Review Rankings. Popularity Score Popular. Go to rankings. Popularity Rankings. Go to listing. Compare Redline Asset 24 with:. Very popular. SE So Cal Flyer 24 ranks 5 out of R4 BMX ranks 26 out of Popularity scale indicating how frequently people buy the product online.

Recalculated daily. Rank: 68 out of Color Mouse over a color for a picture. Click to view model.Triumph Bike Reviews is reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you click on links this does not cost you any extra. This bike comes with everything you need to get you started on the track.

This budget-friendly bike gives you high quality at a low price. The aluminum frame keeps the bike low in weight for speed and agility. Vee Speedster tires will provide excellent traction on a variety of terrains. A lightweight seat means an uncomfortable ride. Redline has a long history of providing quality builds and race-ready BMX bikes.

Each bike is carefully designed with long-lasting materials and durability. As a beginner bike, the Redline MX 24 comes ready to go. This lightweight material is durable enough to lean into and speed through quick maneuvers. Although aluminum may not hold up as long as steel, the agility and low weight will beat any steel frame in a race. Redline included a 3-piece crankset to keep this bike riding with high efficiency.

A steel-inforced fork allows the MX 24 to handle rough landings and daily abuse. A shiny black design with bright yellow accents gives a stealthy look your competitors will admire. Vee speedster inch tires are designed for both pavement and hard-packed terrain giving this bike more versatility. These tires have excellent control, and diamond-cut traction side knobs can handle tight corners and speedy navigation.

A center-strip design increases speed while keeping your ride smooth. Tektro is well-known for its reliable bike parts, and these Tektro BX Linear give you no-nonsense stopping power. These V-brakes with a linear-pull lever ensure a highly-responsive ride both on and off the track.

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RL Hex grips and RL race aluminum pedals complete the package by providing you with ultimate control and precision.

Redline has created an aluminum frame that can last. The additions of a 3-piece crankset and steel-inforced fork increase the strength and durability, making it closer in comparison to steel. The seat was made with speed in mind, not comfort.

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Otherwise, many have been satisfied with a seat cover or a replacement to better fit their needs.Triumph Bike Reviews is reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you click on links this does not cost you any extra. The mid-level price and race-ready features make this a high-performance bike that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

The aluminum frame keeps this bike lightweight for optimal speed. The Vee Speed Booster tires keep traction through every twist and turn. The seat is made from lightweight plastic. This makes it ideal for speed, but can be pretty uncomfortable for longer rides. With tons of different models, you can be sure Redline has spent years perfecting their BMX bikes with top of the line parts and materials. This bike comes ready to race straight from the package with high-performance parts.

The alloyed frame gives this lightweight bike extra speed and maneuverability. To keep this aluminum frame resistant from wearing over time, Redline added sealed hubs, 2-piece alloy forged cranks, and an integrated head tube. These add-ons make the aluminum frame comparable to steel when it comes to strength.

You can trust this bike to keep you on the ground. Vee Speed Booster tires are great for keeping traction during a high-speed race.

The proline comes in different sizes, from mini to XL to meet your comfort needs. Tektro is well-known for its premium brake-sets. The Tektro AL linear breaks will give you reliable stopping power and control. This gives you the comfort of knowing you will be safe with responsive breaks on and off the track. Earlier models had issues with unreliable chains that were easily broken. RL Pro Hex grips are comfortable and provide an excellent grip to give you full command of your bike.

The sleek, black frame with light blue features makes a gorgeous design that will turn heads on the track. Although steel can outlast aluminum, Redline has made every attempt to enforce weak spots and gives you a bike that is guaranteed to last. The aluminum will surpass any steel-made frame in speed by keeping a low weight and tight design.

The seat is made for speed as well.

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With minimal material, it keeps extra weight off but makes for an uncomfortable ride during long treks. Many have fixed this issue with a seat cover or replacing the seat with something more comfortable. Quality tires mixed with strong breaks will give you all the control you need to perform well and stay safe. Whether you're on a race track or on the road, you can be at ease knowing these reliable parts will perform as needed.

Included chain tensioners give extra strength to your chains so they won't break or jam and provide a solution to previous models that had this problem. The Redline Proline BMX Race bike provides excellent control, a lightweight build for speed and handling, a mid-level price with high-level performance, and attractive design.

These features make this Proline bike an obvious choice. If you're ready to step up your BMX game, this is the bike for you. You won't regret it once you're racing past your competition on the track!

Redline MX Junior BMX Race Bike

Vee Speed Booster, F. Our reviews are formed through our comprehensive research process, which involves getting information direct from manufactures, reading user reviews and other similar sources. Last updated: August 17, This is the ideal bike if you're ready to take your beginner BMX skills to the next level.Register Login. Years Made. Compare Review.

redline mx 24 weight

Very Good. The bicycle looks new and is in like-new mechanical condition. No service is required on any component, part, or accessory. The bicycle may require minimal service adjustments without the need of replacing any parts. The frame or fork or components or accessories have cosmetic blemishes.

The frame if metal may have minor, aesthetic dings. Bicycle is free of major mechanical issues but may require some service, a tune up is recommended. Some parts may require replacing, not to include front or rear shocks, wheels, shifters, front or rear derailleurs, braking systems, crank set or chainrings.

Braking surfaces may have minor grooves or discoloration. Suspension and brakes may need to be serviced. The frame if metal has minor, aesthetic dings.

The bicycle has some mechanical issues and a tune up is necessary. An overhaul is recommended. Multiple parts need to be replaced. Suspension and brakes need to be serviced. The frame or fork or components or accessories have many cosmetic blemishes. The frame if metal has numerous aesthetic dings. The bicycle has mechanical issues and a tune up is necessary.

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This bike could also be used for salvage. Bicycle Condition.

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redline mx 24 weight

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